Helping you meet seven core challenges facing the shipping industry

90POE’s OpenOcean Studio platform consists of a number of modules designed to help ship owners and operators with the key issues that matter to you. From fuel efficiency and charter party compliance to vessel maintenance, crew logistics and even monitoring KPIs, these modules work together to help you improve performance across the board.

Reducing your costs

Shipping is the by far the most economically efficient form of international transport, but the sheer scale of operations means the costs involved are enormous. That’s why ship owners and operators are always looking to reduce those costs, even by small margins. A small percentage saving on bunker fuel goes a long way. And while ship operators cannot influence fuel prices, they can improve the fuel efficiency of their own vessels. This means it is vital to understand vessel performance in the context of changeable conditions.

Senior operational and technical managers on shore, and Masters onboard, can use our voyageADVISOR® to plan routes collaboratively, factoring in power, speed, weather and current in order to optimise consumption, emissions, safety or ETA. Our voyageMONITOR® then provides a continual view of a vessel’s performance across several key performance indicators, including consumption, compliance and adherence to optimal routing. This means all members of the operator team – again, both crew and shore-based – can keep track of the vessel’s performance using the monitor either on desktop or mobile platforms. And crucially, they can make real-time adjustments to maximise efficiency – for example, reducing speed to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. 


They can also share details of such active interventions, as well as other events impacting the vessel, with shore side team members, as well as charterers if required. Vessel Insight® can then be used to analyse this historical data retrospectively in order to predict future performance or plan interventions such as hull cleaning or propellor polishing to counter performance degradation. 


Given the importance of timely and cost-efficient maintenance to reducing costs, we have also developed the OpenOcean Studio Maintenance System. By collating and updating the relevant data, this allows ship owners, operators, or 3rd party service providers to schedule maintenance in such a way as to minimise costs and to manage inventories to avoid unnecessary stockpiling and duplication. Capturing the condition of equipment during routine maintenance generates the data and subsequent intelligence to enable an effective shift to a condition-based maintenance regime. 


Meanwhile, the GDPR-compliant OpenOcean Studio Crewing module enables manning agents, crew operators and seafarers to securely update relevant information to facilitate crew assignment. This allows operators not only to reduce the time spent on crew assignment, but to minimise the costs associated with seafarers' overlapping contracts, as well as logistical and travel costs.


Finally, OpenOcean Studio’s suite of Workforce Efficiency tools also helps reduce costs by streamlining ship and shore operations and improving overall awareness to help protect valuable assets. 

Improving your situational awareness

Modern shipping is an increasingly complex business, often involving numerous intermediaries between ship owners and operators, charter parties, seafarers and the various relevant authorities. Keeping track of all the necessary paperwork in addition to managing day-to-day operations can be overwhelming. And while information technology is supposed to make all this easier, for many ship operators, dealing with multiple and often incompatible software packages can feel like an additional burden. 


OpenOcean Studio’s suite of Workforce Efficiency tools have been designed to give ship operators and their crews the clarity they need. From accurate, at-a-glance information about the location and status of vessels to direct and reliable ship to shore communication, these tools allow operators to optimise their situational awareness without the need to consult intermediaries. For example, operators can verify disbursements and optimise port costs by using OpenOcean Studio Vessel Itinerary to build a consolidated record of port calls. Greater situational awareness through OpenOcean Studio Fleet360 enhances a fleet’s security and ability to demonstrate due diligence for insurance purposes.

In addition, OpenOcean Studio On-board® aggregates data relating to the onboarding of crew – eliminating the need to consult multiple documents and emails – so this information can be easily accessed by crew and shore side teams, both reducing the reporting and administrative burden and improving collaboration. 

Enhancing the effectiveness of your workforce

A shipping operation is only as good as its people. And even the best officers, crew and shore staff are only as good as the systems in place to manage them. The key to workforce effectiveness is to have the right people, focused on the right priorities, with access to the right information. 

OpenOcean Studio Crewing simplifies the process by using pre-populated templates that are amended as required and digitised to facilitate sharing and cross-referencing. This reduces the duplication that is rife in the industry, with officers often wasting time reproducing the same information in response to enquiries from the company, the charterer and port authorities. Manning agents and other contractors can be given controlled access to the platform, so they have just the information they need.


OpenOcean Studio Crewing also gives operators greater insight when it comes to selecting the right mix of seafarers to join their vessels based on a number of configurable manning requirements, such as crew numbers, experience, certification and licences, as well as the class of vessel. And it makes it easier to meet other preferences, such as limiting the number of different nationalities aboard in order to avoid miscommunication. Additionally, it allows ship operators to optimise the cost-effectiveness of their crewing by looking not only at which suitably-qualified seafarers are available, but also at which are close enough to be brought on board without unnecessary expenditure on flights. 


For the purposes of crew certification, OpenOcean Studio Crewing facilitates a ‘self-serve’ model, whereby seafarers are reminded when their certificates are up for renewal and encouraged to take responsibility themselves. As well as relieving the administrative burden on office staff, this model favours those seafarers best able to manage their own paperwork, who are also likely to be more generally capable. A more efficient and transparent crewing system also enhances the organisation’s reputation among seafarers, boosting both recruitment and retention.

In addition to Crewing, OpenOcean Studio’s suite of Workforce Efficiency tools pulls together disparate operational data into structured information kept securely in one place. This effectively ‘democratises’ access to information across the organisation, eliminating the restriction of information in silos, so whoever needs access to information has it easily and securely. 


Finally, OpenOcean Studio’s Maintenance System synchronises information about all vital equipment, spares, service regimes and instructions between the vessel and shore-based teams to enable a holistic approach to vessel maintenance. This facilitates greater collaboration between crew and shore-based personnel, improving the planning and execution of the vessel maintenance schedule. It also helps the crew gain a full understanding of their spares inventory, including which spares need to be ordered and any relevant job instructions, before commencing any maintenance activity. This in turn eliminates unnecessary delays in asset availability and equipment uptime.

Securing safety, sustainability and compliance

Ship owners and operators have a duty of care to their crews. They have legal and contractual obligations to their charterers. And they have numerous statutory requirements to fulfil in terms of safety and sustainability. Compliance is not only a matter of ethics, but of the bottom line, especially with environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations playing an increasingly important role in corporate investment decisions and codified in the Poseidon Principles. And the key to compliance is timely and accurate information.


The more accurately ship operators can monitor the performance of their vessels, the more they can guarantee compliance with regulations, especially in terms of emissions. OpenOcean Studio’s voyageADVISOR® and voyageMONITOR® allow ship operators to do just that by maximising fuel efficiency before and during voyages respectively, while Vessel Insight® provides information to report accurately on EU MRV and DCS, as well as to learn from when planning future voyages.


Meanwhile, the OpenOcean Studio Maintenance System enables operators to schedule inspections, plan maintenance and keep track of the relevant certification in terms of safety as well as sustainability and other obligations. This way, they can not only ensure compliance but demonstrate compliance both to charter parties and to statutory authorities.

Finally, OpenOcean Studio Crewing facilitates the health and wellbeing of crews by ensuring operators know where everyone is at any given time and that crew members themselves are better informed about where they are expected to be and for how long. It also helps seafarers keep track of their own qualifications, skill sets and training needs, so they can take ownership of their career paths and feel in control of their working lives.

Reducing your financial exposure

By its nature, the shipping industry involves a degree of risk, with vast sums of money at stake. Ship owners and operators need to be able to protect themselves from avoidable losses, and that means minimising the assets at risk at any given time, as well as minimising legal liabilities with regard to charter parties and other stakeholders.


OpenOcean Studio’s Maintenance System allows operators to manage their inventories and working capital to avoid unnecessary risk. OpenOcean VoyageMONITOR® helps optimise fuel efficiency, avoiding wastage either by excessive speed or suboptimal routing.


OpenOcean Studio Crewing helps maintain up-to-date certification of all seafarers, reducing the risk of non-compliance. And OpenOcean Studio’s suite of Workforce Efficiency tools help operators keep all relevant data not only secure, but also accurate, up-to-date and accessible in order to respond effectively to disputes and claims.

Safeguarding your reputation

A shipping firm’s reputation is often as important as its physical assets. A solid reputation is essential when it comes to competing for charters in an increasingly tight market, as well as attracting and retaining the best seafarers. And while it takes years of hard work to build up a good reputation, it can be lost in an instant. Moreover, it is not only the worst-case scenario of an incident at sea that can jeopardise a firm’s reputation. Non-compliance with regulations or environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements can be just as damaging.

The various products available as part of the OpenOcean Studio platform allow ship owners and operators to stay completely on top of all the issues that could cause reputational harm, from safety breaches to inadequate certification of crew members. With reputation safeguarded, ship owners and operators can focus on operating competitive and profitable businesses.

Increasing your revenue

90POE is in the information business. We are here to help our clients gather and manage the data they need as efficiently as possible, to optimise their business operations, and to gain practical insights that will maximise their cost effectiveness. Our products and services have been designed to save our clients’ money. However, we strongly believe they can also help improve future performance to deliver competitive advantage and ultimately increase revenue.

It is accurate, real-time information that underpins global market intelligence. And it is reliable, aggregated historical data that allows operators to calculate competitive but profitable sea margins and win new business.


We help our clients use digital technology to generate insights that will add measurable value, whether through marginal savings or altogether new revenue streams.