We start with the challenges facing shipping today and tomorrow

We are here to make ship owners and operators more efficient and effective. So we start with your needs, not our products. We begin every new relationship by asking what you are trying to achieve and what challenges you face in getting there. And we’ll get you there without reinventing the wheel or creating extra burdens.


Whether your shipping company is a private concern or publicly listed, nobody knows your business better than you. Our role is simply to help you build on that knowledge by taking advantage of the latest technology. It’s never all or nothing, and there’s no need for a ‘big bang’: we will help you make the most of your existing technology through integration and transitioning at a pace that suits your business.

With our experience in shipping, oil and gas, manufacturing and defence, we understand only too well the worries and frustrations felt by end users of fast-moving technology. We have been there, listened to the sales pitches, and found ourselves wondering if any of it is relevant to our business and whether it’s going to be more disruptive or expensive than it’s worth.

So we start by getting to know you and your needs, and will be completely open about how we can and cannot help. Our goal is not to make a quick sale, but to add measurable value to your business’ bottom line. That way we build real relationships founded on trust and value, so they stand the test of time.


Shipping is a highly networked community, and one in which a reputation for honesty and reliability goes a long way. So we understand that delivering on our promises will not only benefit your business, but also underpin our long-term credibility throughout the industry.


We look forward to discussing how we can work with you and your business.  

Richard Buckley