Solving real world challenges. Together.

At 90POE, we are committed to making a game-changing difference in shipping, an industry that is shaping our world. We help our clients operate more safely, efficiently and sustainably so they can keep the world connected without harming the seas, the skies and the environment on which we all depend.


Our people are experts, engineers and problem solvers. They are inquisitive, imaginative and interested in the world around them, but above all they are motivated by the satisfaction that comes from solving difficult problems with global repercussions, and from seeing the results.


Everything we do is driven by data and advanced modelling, so our team is made up of maritime domain specialists, product managers, data scientists, engineers and software developers.

As a cloud-based platform, our tech stack consists of React and Flutter applications, which communicate using GraphQL to microservice containers orchestrated by Kubernetes. Internally, our services use gRPC for communication and achieve high scalability thanks to a Kafka-based, event-driven architecture and persist data to a mix of RDBS and No-SQL databases including PostgresDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, S3 and Elasticsearch. We follow modern CI/CD and agile methodologies to deploy into production multiple times per week.


If all that sounds like your idea of fun, and you feel you have the skills and experience to help us revolutionise this globally crucial industry, please get in touch or see our open vacancies. Whether or not we have suitable vacancies right now, we would love to hear from individuals who share our ambition and our values. We tend to hire on the basis of personality, behaviour and values as much as qualifications on paper, important as those are, so make sure your CV reflects who you are as well as what you know.

Life at 90POE

As a dynamic start-up, we operate on a lean and agile model, which means our people do not work in silos. Instead, they tend to be exposed to several, if not most, aspects of our business, including interacting with our clients and getting to know their invariably fascinating businesses. That in turn means seeing first-hand the results of our work.


While many of our people are based in the UK, Ukraine and Greece, as a business we are ‘location agnostic’. Even before 2020, we were making use of technology to work with individuals anywhere in the world. We are a ‘remote first’ company, and more interested in ensuring all our people have the support they need to make a difference wherever they are, rather than filling offices with people. That said, we know it's the blend of skills and experience of the brilliant people we have hired that makes 90POE a success, and we go out of our way to ensure their experience with 90POE, remote or otherwise, is as rewarding as it is productive.

Our People - Spotlight
Dhara Patel

Head of 90POE's performance stream

Having spent a large portion of my career as a product leader within growth-stage tech companies, I am very familiar with the highs and occasional lows that come with taking digital products to market, and I love it! It's why I'm here. At 90POE I’ve experienced an open culture that encourages fresh ideas and diverse thinking. Every day, I collaborate with my team of product managers, engineers, designers, architects and data scientists.


We work through all kinds of interesting challenges and always make time to celebrate our successes along the way.

Andy Bedwin

Domain Advisor

As a subject matter expert, I support the Maintenance product stream, along with the other products streams as they need it. I am also 90POE’s primary point of contact for the various classification societies for type approval of our products.  


I work closely with the design and development teams, drawing on my background in marine engineering and ship management to provide them with domain expertise and a deeper understanding of the measurable value our clients need in our products and platform.  

Daria Gorchylina

Teсhnical Owner & Frontend Developer

As part of the Technology Leadership Team, I am responsible for the overall technical ownership and delivery of our Maintenance product workstream.  I help 90POE support an agile approach to product development. This includes everything from helping the team deliver features, creating and writing our technical documentation, code reviews as well as contributing to our code-base. We foster an environment where everyone can contribute and create a difference in what we are doing.

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 15.59.40.png
Anton Hawthorne

Data Scientist

A huge part of the work with any new project is to explore the data, find basic trends, issues and mistakes, before planning the creation of tools and products that can be built with the available data. Then comes ML, starting with basic models first, and then building up complexity to try and create the results we need. This work is highly collaborative, working closely with data scientists and others to make sure the work we do is aligned with the goals of the company.

Psychological safety

We feel safe to be entirely ourselves; to fully contribute and to take considered risks.


We are genuinely open and curious, and we embrace the diversity and experience of others. We all have room to learn and grow. 


We choose to be honest, reliable, and fair.


We genuinely care about each other and appreciate each others’ abilities and accomplishments. We listen openly before forming opinions. When a decision is made, we agree and commit as a team.


We have confidence in each other’s capabilities, and we trust and empower each other to always act in the best interests of the company.


We have an obligation to deliver on our promises, to make things better and further the goals of our organisation.