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90 Percent of Everything is transported by sea. At 90POE we are pioneering the future of digital intelligence for the maritime industry. Unlocking data silos, creating transparency and accelerating digital transformation. 


At 90POE we are on a mission - to help enable an increasingly competitive, compliant and sustainable open ocean. 

About 90POE

Image showing the modules related to maritime software solution OpenOcean Studio

Our Platform

Fleet Management 

Voyage Management 

Maintenance Management 

Vessel Management 

Crew Management 

Elevated with 


onRADAR®– Focus on what matters most

Alerts — What requires your attention?

Tasks — What requires your action?

Messages — Who requires your collaboration?

Dashboards — What is the status of your fleet?

Maps — Where is your fleet?

Analytics — What would you like to understand?

Our ground-breaking onRADAR® looks beyond the noise and clutter, helping you navigate the oceans of data and presenting you with a clear, unified and personalised view of:

Why us?

Scalable — Our modular, platform approach helps you adopt the digital technologies your business needs, at a pace you define.

Adaptable — We work with the data you have — from AIS and noon reports to fully connected vessels with real-time data.

Connectable — Our open platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and our specialist services.

Configurable — Our platform’s behaviours and features adapt to the way you operate.

Actionable — Our intelligent processing and data science enriches and elevates your data to generate meaningful insights and alerts.

Accessible — Secure cloud-hosted services mean your data is always up to date and with you 24/7, whether on-shore, on-board or on-the-go.

Our Approach

Digital Intelligence 

We recognise digital intelligence is a journey, not a destination, and that everyone is at a different waypoint on that journey. We take a 4-stage approach:

Your Expertise


Our Digital Intelligence


Maritime Excellence

Adoption of

1. Establish

A solid, secure and accessible foundation based upon accurate and timely data. Integration of existing and third-party systems with OpenOcean STUDIO® modules to provide a single source of truth.

2. Enhance

Improve core business performance, user productivity and decision support by simplifying and accelerating 
transactional workflows and enriching  existing information through data science.

4. Evolve

Continually evolve to meet the challenges of new regulations, new business needs and emerging technology.

3. Elevate

Advance decision making and focus attention on the most important tasks, decisions and interventions by uniting disparate data streams into onRADAR®.

Maritime Excellence

Together, we propel maritime excellence – the continuous improvement of the percentages that matter to you:

More efficient and lower
emission voyages

​Reduced operational costs, more valuable expenditure and increased commercial opportunities

Safer, compliant and
more reliable operations


We built OpenOcean STUDIO® to be a truly open platform, and to that end, we are proud to work with strategic partners who each enhance your experience of our platform


If you would like to know more, or have a specific enquiry, please drop us an email and the team will be in touch.

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Contact Us

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Our team is based around the world, with offices across Europe and headquarters in London.

UK Headquarters

Portman House, 7th Floor

2 Portman Street



+44 (0) 208 078 7332

Greece Office

1 Filellinon Street

185 36



+30 210 010 1482

Norway Office

Strandgaten 7

4550 Farsund

+47 47661560

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