Maritime Excellence through Digital Intelligence

90 percent of everything is transported by sea. At 90 POE, we help ship owners and operators take care of the other percentages that matter.


We understand that many of the factors influencing this industry can’t be controlled; overall demand, oil prices and the weather are out of your hands. But you can control how you respond to them.


In our experience, that response is always trying to achieve similar outcomes: you need to reduce costs, improve safety, and keep up with fast-changing requirements in terms of compliance.



Our role is to help you do all those things using advanced, proven technology tailored to the needs of the shipping industry. This provides you with the real-time information and performance insights you need to make a difference, moment to moment and year on year.



We don’t need to tell you about the importance of marginal gains in an increasingly competitive industry.


Our technology puts you in complete control of your operation, so you can improve outcomes for your clients and your company, even in areas that have previously been invisible.