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90POE Enriches Maritime Decision Making with DTN Weather Intelligence

Updated: May 30

90POE, a pioneering company in the field of digital intelligence for maritime, is expanding its maritime decision tools with the integration of premium weather intelligence solutions from DTN®, a global data, analytics, and technology company. Integrated access to DTN Marine Weather API through 90POE’s OpenOcean STUDIO® platform enables 90POE to deliver continual situational awareness for customers’ fleets.

Many maritime decisions have a dependency on the weather, from safety and routing to fuel usage and vessel efficiency. The DTN Marine Weather API uses the latest cloud technology to run a global suite of marine forecast models that deliver the highest available resolution on ocean waves, atmospheric and tidal data. This weather intelligence is now integrated into OpenOcean STUDIO® to facilitate faster and more comprehensive insights on demand.

In addition, using DTN’s historical and predictive weather and sea state data, 90POE is also enhancing OpenOcean STUDIO®’s data science capabilities to help customers achieve safer, more compliant, and sustainable voyages.

Richard Buckley, 90POE CEO, says “DTN has demonstrated continual investment in their solutions to improve data accuracy and accessibility through their technology. It is more responsive and easier to integrate into our OpenOcean STUDIO® platform and brings the best data together to generate valuable information in support of our customers’ operational decision making. This agreement underpins our belief that the maritime industry can benefit from digital intelligence where integration between technologies brings real benefit for the customer.”

“The 90POE focus on digital intelligence aligns well with the DTN approach to marine weather intelligence,” said Jarco van den Brink, Marine Product Manager, DTN. “We focus on providing access to the latest and best high-resolution weather data in the moment coupled with marine specific insights to give operators the ability to see the potential impact on their operation. Integrating DTN weather intelligence into OpenOcean STUDIO® supports the technology that helps improve decision making.”

About DTN: Operational Intelligence for Confident Decisions

As a data, analytics and technology company, DTN delivers operational intelligence to organizations with complex supply chains around the world. We are committed to breaking through the noise and providing operationally critical and actionable intelligence customers can depend on to drive confident decision-making. We have earned our customers’ trust by delivering real-time insights that ensure decisions can be made quickly and confidently. Together with our customers, we uncover new insights and create solutions that improve entire industries. And we do so while maintaining our independence to ensure our customers can make the right decision for their bottom line, their customers, and their employees. For more information,visit


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