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90POE joins Veracity as Integrated Partner

Updated: May 30

In early May 2022, Ninety Percent of Everything Limited (90POE) became a Veracity Integrated Partner, signing a Technology Partnership Agreement that formalised their collaborative commitment to better serve their maritime customers in reaching sustainability goals.

One of these customers is international ship management company Zodiac Maritime. In targeting a more compliant and sustainable practice, Zodiac Maritime turned to 90POE to assist in streamlining their emissions reporting process with a more accurate and regular approach. To help Zodiac Maritime succeed in their commitment to more efficient and lower-emission voyages, 90POE have joined forces with Veracity as an Integrated Partner, enabling a seamless digital pipeline between 90POE’s OpenOcean STUDIO platform and the Veracity platform, to enable a more efficient and accurate reporting process for Zodiac Maritime.

Key features:
  • Seamless digital pipeline between OpenOcean STUDIO and Veracity

  • Automated data capture and emissions calculations

EU MRV and IMO DCS reporting made easy

Via API connection, OpenOcean STUDIO’s Emission Reporting is now integrated with Veracity services and DNV-verified data. This enables Zodiac Maritime to have more control of their internal report validation and submission cycles, whilst simultaneously helping them to remain compliant with EU MRV and IMO DCS emissions reporting requirements.

Value delivered to Zodiac Maritime:
  • Improved data quality

  • Regular data quality controls throughout the year

  • Shorter reporting cycles

  • Reduction in manual current and future data entries

  • Increased frequency in CII calculations

For each vessel within the fleet, OpenOcean STUDIO ingests, reads and aggregates voyage and bunker data in line with regulatory reporting requirements. Zodiac uses OpenOcean STUDIO to generate and download emissions reports for previewing, before sending them directly to DNV from within the user interface. Through integration, voyage and bunker data can now be submitted to DNV at regular intervals for quality checks, guaranteeing better data quality ahead of any annual submission for EU MRV or IMO DCS reporting.

This approach has rendered some clear benefits, from a dramatic reduction in reporting cycles to improved reporting accuracy, due to automated data capture and emission calculations that have reduced the need for manual intervention.

“We believe this new digital capability will be of use to all fleet managers across the industry and that by taking a collaborative approach and working with technology companies, we can play a part in helping the maritime industry meet its sustainability targets. Using the fully automated integration of OpenOcean STUDIO with Veracity will make our reporting cycles straightforward and easy. The availability of data from across our fleets will enable us to be more efficient, innovate faster, and ensure compliance with EU MRV and IMO DCS emissions reporting requirements. By constantly reviewing best practices and protocols in an ever evolving regulatory environment, the group intends to maintain its leading position as one of the safest and most efficient vessel operators in the world.” — Samuel Gontha, Deputy CEO at Zodiac Maritime

About Zodiac Maritime

Zodiac Maritime operates one of the largest diversified fleets in the world today. Established in the 1970’s, today the Zodiac fleet is comprised of over 180 modern vessels across the dry bulk, container, car carrier and crude, product, chemical and LPG tanker segments. Zodiac remains committed to constantly modernizing its fleet by investing in technical optimizations and proven digital technologies designed to improve vessel efficiency and reduce emissions.


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