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Bring your data with you......

Can we introduce you to Simon?

Simon is our Head of Customer Integration. Not only does he lead a dedicated team of technical experts to help you integrate and migrate your data to 90POE, but he also brings to this role a wealth of maritime engineering experience. Simon understands your business, he understands our platform and he is passionate about making it as simple as possible to bring your data safely and securely into the OpenOcean STUDIO platform.

And he is not alone.

Supported by our dedicated team of industry advisors, and customer success experts, we work through a phased approach to get you set up in the OpenOcean STUDIO platform. We understand what data you have, helping you understand any gaps, where your data is located (desktops, databases, incumbent systems etc) and we work with you to review options on what is the best approach to migrate or integrate your data into our platform. We also work closely with you to decide on when we integrate and migrate data.

We understand data is only valuable if it’s relevant.

That is why when we onboard you, we work through a playbook to get you set up safely and securely so you can access your dedicated tenant either through an integration with your own active directory or through our own login service. Whichever works best for you. We understand secure access is critical. We fully appreciate this is your data. We help you decide who has the right access and permissions to make business decisions using it.

Then through our dedicated Team of Senior Advisors, working with Simon and his Team, we look to identify with you the data you need to integrate or migrate across. Working through a plan we do an initial migration, and integration, to help validate the right data is flowing through your modules within OpenOcean STUDIO. We then make sure you are happy with the data relevance, accuracy and how this integration and migration is progressing. We do this through the use of various techniques and technologies; Open API, Mulesoft, gRPC, and GraphQL to name a few.

Once we have this data up and running, and you are happy, we then work with you to understand your preferences around cut over periods and go-live. We do this because we understand there are certain periods in your business you want operating systems to be stable. We also do this to ensure we capture the most up to date data and to eliminate where possible any need for double entry across systems or data being hard to access after any go-live date.

And of course, we will support you once you go live. Just to make sure everything is working as it should and you are set up to take full advantage of working with your new modules within OpenOcean STUDIO.

If you want to find out more about how Simon and the Team can help you, please feel free to reach us at



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