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How Zodiac Maritime Achieves Maritime Excellence with OpenOcean STUDIO

Updated: Jun 14

Angus Douglas, Director of Chartering (Tankers), Zodiac Maritime, comments:

“The desire of 90POE to create a product which is very much a ship owner's product, it addresses every single angle that you could possibly need to consider, whether it's a technical or a commercial element, it addresses them all and considers them all to have a commercial implication as well.”

Ahead of last week's OpenOcean STUDIO Commercial Voyage Management launch, we spoke to Angus and heard firsthand how Zodiac achieves maritime excellence with our next-generation platform OpenOcean STUDIO.

Listen as Angus shares his experience with 90POE and OpenOcean STUDIO. From optimising asset trading to driving profitability, OpenOcean STUDIO provides the dynamic decision-making tools needed in today's complex maritime world.

Key Benefits include:

  • Dynamic Voyage Estimator for real-time options visibility

  • Enhanced operational capabilities for speed and routing adjustments

  • A central hub for technical and commercial information

  • Improved communication and collaboration across teams

  • Driving profitability across commercial decision making

Ready to learn more? Discover our platform.


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