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90POE awarded DNV Machinery Planned maintenance system (MPMS) type approval

Updated: May 30

Approved by the world’s leading classification society, ship owners and operators can manage their vessels’ maintenance activities with confidence, assurance and with a renewed opportunity to drive maritime excellence.

90POE, the pioneering maritime software provider, is proud to announce it has been awarded type approval certification from the leading classification society DNV for 90POE’s innovative new Maintenance Management System. This approval follows an extensive development process, where 90POE reimagined vessel maintenance as a management process to meet the ever-increasing demands on ship’s officers, technical managers, owners, and operators.

Designed and built with the needs of onboard engineers and onshore technical operators at its core, 90POE has taken advantage of the latest technological developments to bring operators a more intuitive, data and workflow-biased maintenance module. The module allows for greater ease of planning and coordination between vessel and shoreside and enhanced operational visibility for leadership, with a single source of truth for all those involved in executing safe and reliable operations.

The underpinning of this singular source of truth with the respective workflows within the OpenOcean STUDIO® platform enables operators to manage their day-to-day tasks by exception. Through dedicated alerts and workflows across planning, completion, and defect management, with a future route to understanding root cause analysis, the 90POE Maintenance Management System helps onboard engineers and onshore technical operators prioritise their activities to be more efficient.

Ivan Cvetkov, Head of Product, MMS 90POE, commented: “We’re proud to have been awarded DNV type approval for our Maintenance module. It’s been a long journey to get us here, but we wanted our product to be built in such a way to enable engineers and onshore technical operators to plan, complete and learn from the execution of their maintenance processes onboard vessels. This approval by DNV is a strong endorsement that our Maintenance Management System has what Engineers and Technical Operators need to support their fleet and vessels securely, safely and with added intelligence. This support helps to make their incredibly difficult day jobs much easier.”

Rolf Petter Hancke, Principal Engineer, Machinery & MARPOL, DNV Maritime, said: “Reliable PMS software is essential to effective maintenance planning. DNVs class type approval demonstrates that 90POE MMS has been assessed to industry-leading standards and so should build confidence for their Customers. We enjoyed great cooperation with 90POE and it’s great to see they are also developing an interface that will enable future Customers to share data via DNV’s Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC) solution. This integration will further help Customers drive consistency and efficiency in their holistic approach to maintenance execution and class conformance.”

If you would like to know more about how 90POE can help you with your technical and maintenance management, please feel free to reach us on

About 90POE

90POE is a pioneering company in the field of digital intelligence for maritime. Whether our clients are just beginning to explore the possibilities or already have mature systems and processes in place, our OpenOcean STUDIO® platform helps them make the most of digital technology.

We enable clients to make better decisions by enriching their maritime expertise with digital intelligence. We harness technology better to understand, respond and interact with data, trends, and events impacting our clients’ operations today and enabling them to plan for tomorrow. Information is a currency; it creates value with the right evaluation, exchange and applied client expertise. This approach leads to improved processes across teams, more fuel-efficient voyages, lower operational costs, and safer, more compliant operations.

We help our clients establish what they have and what is key. We enhance their existing systems with our fleet, vessel, voyage, crew, and maintenance modules. We elevate their information to focus on the most important decisions and interventions. Collectively, this enables our clients to evolve their decision-making to meet their ever-changing challenges and needs, from the bridge to the bottom line and beyond.

About DNV

DNV is the world’s leading classification society and a recognized advisor for the maritime industry. We enhance the safety, quality, energy efficiency, and environmental performance of the global shipping industry – across all vessel types and offshore structures. We invest heavily in research and development to find solutions, together with the industry, that addresses strategic, operational, or regulatory challenges. For more information visit


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